With so many other places to work, why should I come to Candy Kitchen in Ocean City, Maryland?
  • Once we sign your job offer and you receive your J-1 Visa, we guarantee your housing will be available upon your arrival – We do hold your housing so you can feel secure that when you arrive you do have accommodations for the summer.
  • We deliver what we say! We want this to be a great experience and be as stress-free as possible.
  • Candy Kitchen is FUN, TEAM-ORIENTED, and FAMILY OWNED.
  • Ocean City Maryland is a safe, family-oriented beach resort.
  • You will gain valuable life-experience working in a diversified and busy Ocean City business.
  • Our staff and employees are here to assist you and help in any way we can to make this summer great.
  • Visit and play on the near-by Beaches of Maryland and Delaware.
What is the dress code for working at Candy Kitchen?
  • At least (2) Candy Kitchen t-shirts and a nametag must be purchased when you are hired. The cost for the t-shirts and nametag will be addressed when we sign your job offer.
  • Clean, beige chinos, khakis, or pants, acceptable length shorts (skirts for the women) in khaki/beige.
  • Long hair must be pulled back and secured.
  • Bring comfortable sneakers. Rubber soled, clean and comfortable is the best choice. No open toes, heels, flip-flops or sandals allowed.
What kind of work will I be doing?
  • Selling candy, dipping ice cream, filling candy shelves, stocking candy, cleaning and using a cash register and smiling.
Do you offer an employee discount?
  • We encourage our employees to sample all of our candy and ice cream. Knowledge of what you are selling is a great asset. We do offer a 25% discount on all employee purchases.
What kind of candy do you make and sell?
  • Candy Kitchen has been making hand-made candies since 1937.
  • We make fudge, salt-water taffy, and most of the chocolates in our Ocean City Factory located at 53rd Street Bayside.
What if I want to work a second job to make more money?
  • We offer numerous programs. Please talk to your supervisor.
  • If you still work a second job, Candy Kitchen is expected to be your priority job over the other job.
Do I have to work each weekend?
  • Yes, from mid-May through mid-September, weekends are the busiest times for our Candy stores.
  • Store managers control the schedules, but they do work with your requests.
What if I only want to work day shifts only?
  • Evenings are the busiest time for us. We can give you all night shifts, but otherwise you must be available to work a combination of nights and days.
What are the store hours?
  • During our busy summer season the stores must be open from 9:00am until at least 12:00pm.
  • Shifts might be 9am-4:30pm or 5pm-12pm.
Frequently Asked Questions specifically for Foreign Students

Are there very specific requirements to work at Candy Kitchen?

  • Each foreign student must be at least eighteen years {18) of age and have average sales skills.
  • Communication is extremely important when you are working with the public and it is an absolute requirement that you speak and understand English fluently.
  • It is also VERY IMPORTANT for you to understand American currency. Knowing how to make change is a CRITICAL part of the sales position.
How quickly must I apply for a Social Security Card?
  • As soon as you arrive in Ocean City, you should make arrangements to apply for your social security card. Your sponsor will help you with transportation to the Social Security Office and help you fill out the necessary paperwork.

What happens if I do not obtain a Social Security Card as soon as possible?
  • We must use the authorized Social Security Card number to report your wages to the US Government tax agency, Internal Revenue Service.
  • We will be able to pay you with the receipt showing you applied for your Social Security Card for a short time. When you receive your actual card you must bring it to the office to be photocopied and placed in your file. The longer the delay, the tighter your budget will be.
How important is it to know and understand the English language for a successful summer at Candy Kitchen?
  • Customer service and interaction will be primary functions of your experience.
  • Good communication and comprehension of the English language is a job requirement.
Will I have to count back currency to the customer?
  • Yes, please understand (US) currency and you must be able to count correct change.
  • We will train you on the use of the cash register.
Besides the beach, what else is there to do around Ocean City and Delaware?
  • Movie theatres, outlet shopping, renting wave runners, bowling alleys, great boardwalk rides and attractions all of which can be reached via the Ocean City Bus route or renting a taxi.
  • Enjoy bird watching, wild untamed ponies, and the gorgeous natural landscape: www.assateagueisland.com.
  • Also, visit the Ocean City Department of Tourism: www.ococean.com.
  • And of course great parties...
What are some fun places to go dancing?

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